Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vince Bugliosi Revisited

I just heard a discourse on C-Span's Book station. Vince Bugliosi was asked by viewers about the election of 2000 in which the Supreme Tort selected Bush.
Mr. Bugliosi was emphatic about how several of the Justices are criminals. I concur. Scalia and Thomas need to made accountable for their extreme crimes; namely the cheating of multi-million's American voters. He cited the stopping of the vote counting as the worse crime in the history of our nation. While other white-collar criminals enjoy the luxury of jail, Scalia and Thomas still enjoy their notoriety in one of the world's most powerful and prestigious positions---supreme court judges.
Vince Bugliosi still wakes up angry about what went down back then. He cites several grotesque incidences which have grossly diminished the good reputation of our nation; the crazy sexually loaded criminal impeachment of Prez. Clinton by a man whose obsession with sex prurianism carefully enumerated the details of felatio to a general public with no affront to the tender ears of children. Then the Right-wingnuts blamed Clinton for "teaching" our kids such horrible acts.
Secondly, the lying of the illegitimate president about "weapons of mass destruction" and driving this nation into a totally unfounded and needless attack on a country which was no enemy nation.
Next, the use of the lie to surveil, illegally, any and all whom the Bush administration felt they wanted to.
Happily, Bugliosi is an optimist, (just as I am), that America can get back its desirable standing in the world. It will take a lot of work, but it can be accomplished. Remember how popular this nation was under the great President Clinton? Well we now have a great opportunity to correct our dalliances Vote Hillary and we get two very capable, competent and strong presidents.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Only One Stands Above the Rest

Okay, America---its time to cast off your costumes and masks of semi-knowledge. There is just ONE person who stands head-and-shoulders above the rest in the race for President.
A true leader and a mind capable of handling any crisis this nation may have; Hilary Clinton!
When she talks, she talks from the vantage point of extreme rationability. But she is quick to think on her feet. We have seen it many times in these past months of debating. I have watched her closely during the Senate meets. She has the courage, intelligence, experience and compassion necessary for a great leader. She makes the others appear as though they are children. She has asked them to "play nice" but some have chosen to kick at her ankles to their own detriment. The other two major candidates can't wait to land a punch on her head; but they've done so at their own peril.
Can you imagine a blunder-buss like Guiliani or Romney or McCain attempting to tackle her? They'll get their just desserts. Guiliani, who made an ass of himself when he attempted to attack Ron Paul but came out looking like an adelpated nitwit replete with facial expressions to affirm his stupidity won't even know what hit him. Just as he stole the limelight erroneously when the WTO was attacked. He very irresponsibly located the Terrorist Response Office inside the WTO which made it impossible for retaliation during the attack. This shows utter stupidity. He attempts to take credit for the decline in crime in NYC. It was Bratton who cured the city of crime and it was President Clinton's federal money which enabled NYC to hire thousands more policemen. He rode the good fortune and claimed the victory, but like the jerk he is, it is a lie.
When he shut down the Brooklyn Museum because a famous work of art (the dung madonna) was displayed there, he played that for the money of the right-wingnuts. This piece of art is world renown and touted in the texts of University Art History courses.
He blatantly announced his divorce over the bube tube BEFORE telling his wife about it. If a man cannot hold on to his wife (three now), he shows his incapabilities.
He will, no doubt, stick his foot into his ugly mouth by feigning his masculinity because his ego gets the best of him. Is this what we need to rebuild our credibility and goodwill in the world?
Then there is the question of Mitt Romney; a man who doesn't quite realize what his own values are. He runs "scared" at the thought of being presented as a Mormon. Some of us who have faith, see that as a cult-type religion. The Mormons have been an exclusive organization which discriminates against minorities of all types; blacks, females, Catholics, Jews etc, etc.
Barrack Obamma takes much of his speeches as spin-offs from one of our greatest authors; Abraham Lincoln. He may be a good talker, but his resume is very sketchy. He says he was against the invasion of Iraq from the start. But I don't remember him saying it BEFORE the thing happened. I remember Kosinich damning it and Paul Welstone's fiery speeches beseeching Bush NOT to invade Iraq. I remember Robert Byrd begging Congress not to go there. But I never heard Obamma say a thing. Now he pretends he's the only one who voted against it. We need a fact check here.
McCain is a joke; he seems to be suicidal. He cannot even figure out how to spend the money he was given to run. We have a looter in the White House now. No way will we stand for an idiot whose greatest claim to fame is having been caught by the enemy and then a fortune of our dollars was spent to get him out.
John Edwards shows bad taste when he attacks the front-runner in both campaigns. He screamed at Howard Dean about the rebel flag. He totally chose to misunderstand what Dean was saying. Not a viable leader. Too aggressive
Biden and Dodd are career politicians. Biden made the cardinal mistake of voting for Bush's choices for the Supreme court; Thomas, Alito and Rogers. This shows bad taste and poor decisions he made. Also, his hot temper would not be an asset in working for peace with other nations.
Dodd is too far into the pac money to be effective in helping the general welfare of the people
Only Hilary Clinton has shown the mettle of a leader. She attempted to do something for those who are underinsured or uninsured with medical funds. Gingrich made a sham of her attempt and buried the problem. If Gingrich decides to run----he'd better wear his Addidas, because he was the main reason for shutting down the government in the nineties. He was also intrumental in combining the Religious Right with the Republican leadership.
Gingrich would become the sort of Dictator we now have.
The Republicans are shattered. We can plainly see how their evil acts have come full-circle. They are desperately looking for a viable candidate. Each time a new face enters there domain, they tout him as a potential winner. Forget it, Repubs, your day has come and GONE.
The Wizard of Oz' curtain has been lifted and the cat is out of the bag for your team. You have worked for yourselves and your funders; the big corporations have grabbed too much from your bag of tricks. The people have awakened and now are finally understanding what you were up to.
You put your stooges up and seized our nation's power, glory and pride and trampled it to death. It will take two great leaders to even begin to pick this nation up out of your cesspool again; Bill and Hill Clinton. And the people KNOW it.

Monday, July 9, 2007


The framers of the Constitution foresaw that at some time in the future, unsavory, unworthy characters might ascend to positions of power in this great country. So they wrote in the impeachment process in order that Americans could rid themselves of such people. Well folks, the time (if ever there was one ) to begin the process is NOW.
A president may be impeached for mere INCOMPETENCE. GET IT? He does not have to be found guilty of any violations of the Constitution. So what is the congress waiting for????
Granted, the Republicans have obeyed every beck and call of our "president" till now; now that some of the most prominently obliging Republican senators have their seats in jeopardy, now they are attempting to feign disapproval of their liege. Well I say "its a dollar short, and a day late to show apprehension for their incapability to have acted against thePrez sooner."
Not only is impeachment overdue, but the Supreme Court Five who notoriously stopped the vote count in 2000 in order to play a dirty trick on us and install the Prez, should also face impeachment. The Constitution provides such a remedy for the Court Judges as well.
Very few Americans realize that althought a Supreme Court Judge is appointed for life----he/she may be impeached and ousted by the very same process used to rid us of a president.
So far, I have heard of impeaching the Judges just once in these long years of living with their crazy decisions. We need to wake up, notify our Reps and Senators of our displeasure with the lot of them and make them face Justice. Without a way to rid us of our corupt leaders, we have no country to call our own.

Monday, June 4, 2007

The Real Merchandise for the Money

Why are so many Rightwingnuts so anxious to promote Barack Obamma? The answer is; he cannot win in the genteral election and a Republican can easily become president AGAIN if he is nominated.
Folks; The general public is still asleep. They are buying into the propaganda that Obamma would be a great president. Americans made it easy for GW Bush to steal the election of 2000 by not being inquisitive enough to research his background which was easily known by those who did.
Therefore, they went to the polls and voted for an unknown quantity by slovenly casting their votes for a man who's past performance was concealed from the public. Kudos to those intelligent people who DID the research and discovered that GW was an anathema to the very idea of Americanism.
Now I am not saying that Barrack is in any way shape or form like GW. What I AM saying is that there is no true record of his performance because he is simply an untried and unknown quantity, much like Bush was during the 2000 election.
Americans helped choose an unknown quantity by giving Bush enough votes to help facilitate the stealing of the election; ie; the irregularities in Florida and finally, the intervention of the Supreme Court when it was obvious GW was going to lose the election.
Obamma may or may not prove to be a decent president, but why gamble with such a powerful position in times like these?
The fact that Hilary Clinton shows more than twice the support in the polls, gives comfort that the people are in their right minds.
What with her enemies working so dastardly hard to defame and smear her , we know she is the most capable and squeaking clean candidate because she has been put through all sorts of scrutiny. The worst thing they have to say is "she's ambitious". That's such a laugh; the rest of the candidates aren't ambitious?
Obamma has a lot of ambition attempting to become president after only serving a couple of years in the Senate. But he's being used as a weapon against Hilary by the disgruntled Rightees who are so afraid of Hilary's success, that they will attempt anything to defame the great lady.
The KNOW that with Hilary and Bill, there is hope that this great nation will be getting back on track; Bill's record speaks for itself. Just a few of his major successes are; (1) We were loved and accepted all over the globe due to his diplomacy (2) We had a projected surplus in our treasury and had just about paid down the interest on our deficit (250 billion per year).
22 million new and well-paying jobs were made as well as higher pay for everyone. (3) No major wars (Bill and Hilary are NOT oil tycoons nor connected with war manufacturing ) (4) Crime dropped because there was money to put more policemen/women on the streets (5)more money for hospitals, schools, buildings, roads, etc. With money in our coffers, states were given more funds to implement the addition of more policemen, build roads and bridges, hospitals etc., etc.
These are just SOME of the benefits Americans enjoyed during the Clinton presidency.
I remember food prices, gas prices , college tuitions, and the likes remaining stable.
Why would an intelligent American voter want to roll the dice again rather than vote for the tried and true Clinton ticket? It makes no sense.
The pundits keep saying tha tHilary is "public speaking handicapped" I don't think they ever really listened to her. She gave me goosebumps when she spoke in Alabama---and yet---one idiot had the audacity to say she didn't "hit the mark".
I am so glad that Americans are waking up to realize that the major news media is owned by those greedy corporate conglomerates who are concerned that Hilary may be a "trust-buster" if she has her way. Well we know that Bill admired Teddy Roosevelt, who is best known for trustbusting. Could this be why they keep putting her down? Nonetheless, people will make their own determination now, having seen how the media mislead them into thinking that their choice, GW, was the best one at that time.
People are beginning to realize just how much politics affects them in their own homes; the prices of food, gas, oil etc. for the masses ought to be a good sign that Bush was part of the few elite rich who wanted everything for themselves.
I don't want to brag, but back in 2000, I COULD HAVE TOLD YA ALL SO ! I even predicted that the Sudan would become a part of the Bush strategy. It didn't take a rocket scientist to predict it---he brought up Saddam Hussein during the debates! What did Saddam, the Iranians and the Sudan all have in common? OIL
Hilary is head and shoulders above the rest. She has forsight and hindsight and knows what is needed for America. She has strength and is very accomplished and knows how to unite people. Above all of these virtues, is the God-given Common sense she shows each time she speaks to us.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


The 9/11 commission spent millions of American taxpayers' dollars to attain nothing more than a roster of things which they recommended be done to prevent another dissaster.
I have to ask; is this what you call an investigation? As a forensics' enthusiast, I think the people have been ripped-off by the Republicans and the administration big and expensive propaganda scheme.
Just as the Warren Commission left us high and dry as to what really went down during the Kennedy assassination, the 9-11 Commission failed to find the causes of the failure to prevent the attacks. Perhaps that's why a large majority of Americans believe that the government had an active role in those attacks.
If the Democrats are wise, they will re-open the investigations and this time, actually investigate. It's not settling for our nation to have a majority of its citizens believing that the government was complicit or at best incompetent to protect us from it.
There are too many theories out there and it would heal our nation if a real investigation were to take place.
As you may recall, the investigation pretended at questioning the various bureaus involved in the dissemination of facts. It was promised to the American people that after the election of 2004, the commission was going to carry the investigation up into the administration. Well, folks it never happened.
Instead, they found that our "intelligence" was flawed. This is a great scapegoat for them and the Administration; blame nameless, unknown entities and sell it to the people as thought they had gotten to the root of the question. All this accomplished was the Administration used it as an excuse to disembowel the FBI, the CIA and FEMA by clumping them altogether into one gigantic, incapable behemoth which as we all discovered was not even able to protect agailnst Hurricane Katrina.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Do as I Do----As I screw you

Well, as I was saying before; Nancy Pelosi is not only a true stateswoman, but now she has been emulated by our Secretary of State. After Ms. Pelosi was criticized roundly by the rightees and of course, the Regime, they send their "diplomat" of choice to "talk" with the Syrians. Ain't that funny?
Nancy Pelosi showed Condoleeza Rice the real way to make peace; to TALK with potential enemies. Isn't that the way all good administrations did it? Of course. But the present one seems to get everything backwards. For example; First Bush calls them names, then he bombs them----and---finally----when he's created enmity throughout the globe---he decides to talk with them.
I don't think too many people realize what our fully and actually elected Speaker of the House has shown the Bushies the way a real diplomat behaves! Kudos to Nancy for her courage in taking charge of matters of state. Now lets hope that Condi doesn't spoil the atmosphere with her cold, hard drivel and her unyielding language. Perhaps she can go back to college and study for a degree in how to win friends and influence people. So far she has earned a flunking grade.
I read that Nancy Pelosi is now a household word to the Syrians.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Blame it On the Bossa Nova (New Majority)

Its so funny to watch the Republicans and their leader attempting to blame everything from the war to the weather on the Democrats. They, (the Republicans ) have acted in lock-step for eleven years in the majority to undermine just about all things good a government may offer its constituency. Now, when all other lies fail---they use the "they did it" strategy. If anyone believes their lies----I have a bridge to sell to them.
When the Republicans had the majority, they failed to hold the President's feet to the fire. They enjoyed the seats that were bought for them by the big corporations. Not a one stood up against the obviously incorrect policies proliferated by the White House.
It is the Republicans which have so divided and confused this nation, and now they point their rabid fingers at the other party. How could anyone with half a brain , buy their smears and distorted views? Well its scarey to see that even twenty-five per cent of the people are living in La-la Land along with their party.
The so-called war in Iraq was never more than the invasion on an innocent war-torn country. Anyone who was alert to the Bush political agenda, could have surmised that the whole idea of attacking Iraq was ludicrous. Motives for attacking Iraq? Look no further than the fact that Iraq was the third-most supplier of oil. We actually recieved 25% or our oil from Iraq, via Turkey. This makes us realize that Saddam must have been selling his oil so cheaply, that we could obtain it through Turkey and still there was profit for both countries.
The talking heads can expound as many theories as there are in their ranks, but if you look at the whole happening the same way a forensic detective would, it clarifies the motive; that is to allow the big oil companies in the US and in Saudi Arabia to snuff out the competition presented to them by Saddam Hussein. The propoganda spewed forth by the administration and magnifyed by the major news networks facilitated the duping of the People whom, under the trauma of the attack on the World Trade Center were confused and shocked. It was a very convenient occurance for the Bush Administration which was champing at the bit to begin a war somewhere.